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Now that we're friends, I have a super PERSONAL story to share
about how I found my purpose in life (and how YOU can unlock yours)!
Why I Went Back To Kindergarten (After Graduating High School...)
Tired of Not Being the Person
God Created You to Be?
Un-fulfillment. Confusion. Lack of direction.  

Welcome to life after High School graduation!

Did you know that 85% of people hate their jobs? 

Contrary to the picture-perfect lives we see pasted before us on Instagram, there is only a slim 15% of people who wake up every Monday morning with sheer excitement for the week ahead, because they LOVE what they get to do! 

Life without clarity and not knowing your purpose, while mentally striving to become the person you know God has made you to be, can cause a girl to feel like there's always something missing...

That's because there is. 

You haven't unlocked your purpose. 

So what if you could discover what God has REALLY called and created you to do? What if the answers were closer and easier to access, than you could even imagine?

What if you could ACTUALLY discover and DO what God has created you to accomplish on this planet? To live a life of freedom and abundance, alive with joy as the love of God flows through you, impacting the lives of those around you for eternity? 

Sounds like a dream come true, right? But why haven't you experienced this yet? Why does it seem like no matter what you do to move forward in life, you're always coming up against a brick wall? 

When The Whole World Is
Against You...
Discovering and Living Out Your God-Given Purpose Feels Like a Pipe-Dream

With negative voices swirling within, it can feel as if an endless wave of battles and heartbreak continually punch us in the gut.

Whether we're struggling with un-supportive family members, friends who just don't get us, financial issues, or lack of resources and opportunities, there seems to be a HUNDRED THOUSAND ways the enemy tries to stop us from finding and fulfilling our calling.


What if we could slow down for long enough to ask God, "Okay, what was I really created to do?"

But we can't. Because we're too busy.

And we can't stop being busy, because we're all chasing "The American Dream", working nine-to-five jobs that we hate, juggling college courses that we haven't the slightest idea why we're actually taking, all the while daydreaming of the glorious day we will retire and FINALLY get to do what we love. 


We all know the system is broken. We know we were meant for more. We weren't meant to live like this. But what other options do we have? 

After graduating High School, I too was on the verge of getting sucked into a purposeless, passionless life, as I conformed to the pressures and expectations of those around me. 
But Then, I Went Back To Kindergarten...
And It Unlocked EVERYTHING For Me
What if I told you that going back to Kindergarten changed my life? 

Shortly after graduating High School, I set out on a journey to discover my God-given purpose. 

As I abandoned the weighty burdens of this world's PRESSURE and EXPECTATIONS, and surrendered to God's leading in my life with child-like faith: the answers unlocked. 

After experiencing first-hand how easy it is to slip into a life dictated by the expectations of others, I know how utterly miserable it feels when you aren't walking in God's purpose for your life.

So now, I'm on a mission to help an army of earth-shaking world changers
(yes, that would be you, my friend!) UNLOCK their God-given purpose!
How I Returned To Kindergarten (And Unlocked My Future)
When Graduating High School, I Had NO IDEA
What I Was Supposed To Do With My Life!
Just like most every other American High Schooler, when it came time to graduate, I had NO idea what I was supposed to do with my life! 

So, I did what all young adults are expected to do: go to college. 

As a young girl, I enjoyed writing and telling stories, so I thought it might be fun to take a few online writing courses. 

Dabbling in a few courses here and there seemed like the best way to begin. After all, I didn't know what I wanted to major in. I've always been a girl of many loves and interests, so the pressure of having to figure it all out, and choose just ONE thing to focus on for the rest of my live-long days, was SUPER stressful for me! 

It didn't take long for me to realize that I had joined the infamous rat-race described above. 

I didn't love what I was doing. I wasn't passionate about my courses, or excited about the direction my life was headed. 

I had given into the pressure and expectations of those around me, rather than pausing for long enough to ask God, "Hey, so uh, what were You thinking when You made me? Like, what am I actually here for?"

And that's when He sent my heart back to Kindergarten. 

You see, in Kindergarten I was a huge dreamer. I believed my life was going to be exciting and full of adventure. When my teacher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I had so many answers! I could imagine myself as a singer, a dancer, a teacher, a producer, an author, an illustrator, a mother, a dog-walker...the list went on and on!

God had placed so many dream-seeds in my little, faith-filled heart!  

Yet slowly, over the years as I grew older, my mind became bombarded with the LIES of our culture, and FEAR choked up those seeds.

It wasn't until my Maker, the Master Gardener, challenged me to return to the garden of my heart to uncover what He had planted in me long ago. When I returned to Kindergarten, those hidden DREAM SEEDS came back to life again!

That was seven years ago, and I can honestly tell you that today, I LOVE Mondays! My heart explodes with passion and purpose every day, as I jump out of bed, TOTALLY EXCITED to live out my God-given dreams!

One of my biggest dreams includes helping YOU unlock your purpose. To return to the garden of your heart and speak life into those seeds that lay dormant. 
Can You Imagine
What Life Would Be Like 
If YOU  Could Discover And Live Out Your God-Given Dreams?
Fulfillment. Clarity. Passion. 

Imagine waking up in the morning TOTALLY excited about the day ahead. Imagine boldly sporting a T-shirt that says, "I love Mondays!" 

What would it be like to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, as you pour into the lives of those you're called to love; blessing and serving them with something unique and special that ONLY YOU can bring to the table?! 

What if you didn't have to travel through this world feeling like there's a big question mark hanging over your head? What if God could speak to your heart about who He has created you to be?

And THEN give you the tools, training, and resources needed to live out that mission?
How AMAZING would it be to unlock your purpose, without wasting time taking endless personality tests or spending huge amounts of money taking college courses to pursue something you're not even sure you'll like doing

Living out your God-given purpose isn't a pipe dream.

You can experience the joy, peace of mind, and feather-light burden of your calling as the endless love of God flows through you. 

It's time to live ON PURPOSE, serving people in the sphere God has called you to! 
Unlocking Your Purpose
5-Week Training Course!!!
Unlocking Your Purpose is a 5-week training course for
aspiring dreamers just like YOU who are ready to take action and discover what God has called and created you to be! 

 Together, we'll return to Kindergarten as we rediscover the dream-seeds
God planted deep within your heart as a young child.

Then, we'll create an action-step-based plan to move forward and become the person you KNOW God has created you to be! 
What's Included?
10 Training Videos to Help Unlock Your Purpose!
You'll receive INSTANT access to our Members Area where the full 5-Week Training Course is held. Each week, you'll dive deep into new topics, such as: 

-Finding and Following Your Inner Blueprint 

-What's the Secret of Success? 

-How to Cast a Vision for Your Life and Set Goals

-Dreams in the Dark

-Overcoming Roadblocks 

-Joy in the Journey 

And so much more!  
The Dreamers Domain -
How to Conquer Your Mountain  (E-book)
Discovering and following God's plan for our life is much like mountain climbing: it isn't for the faint of heart! In The Dreamers Domain, you'll learn how to master the mountain of destiny God has called you to! 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your dreaming journey. Whether you have a clear vision for your life, or feel like you lost the map miles ago...don't despair! You're in the right place. In this digital e-book, we are going to unlock your purpose and take some amazing action steps toward your God-given destiny!

Sound exciting? Grab your climbing gear and let’s get ready to conquer your mountain!

Mountain Hopper - Okay God, What am I Really Called to Do? (Audio Teaching)

That simple word can invoke a variety of thoughts and emotions. 

For some of us, the word causes a spark of excitement within, as our minds race forward, envisioning all the beautiful things God has spoken to our hearts about. 

But, the majority of us tend to buckle against the flowery word, thinking, "Um, I don't have any dreams. I just want to find out what God's will is for my life!" 

Well, you are in the right place, my friend! It's time to dig deep and discover what God has called YOU to do!
And, on this page only, we've included some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1:
The Dreamers Read List!
The Dreamers Read List (E-book)

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

Everything we do, think, or say, springs up from within a single place: our minds.

As humans, we have been gifted with an incredible ability to control our thoughts, decide what we’re going to think about, and CHOOSE how we want to spend our time and energy designing our lives. 

But how in the world are we supposed to unlock our purpose, figure out what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives, and pursue those God-given dreams, when we can’t even control what races through our minds when our feet touch the floor every morning?

Unlocking our purpose and setting out to pursue those things which God has placed in our hearts, only becomes possible when we take control of our inside world and follow the instruction in God’s word to: “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

The Dreamers Read List is loaded with resources that will help you follow the wise words of Romans 12:2, renew your mind in truth, and change your life, by first changing your MIND!
Super Cool Bonus #2:
7 Exclusive Podcast Episodes!

Dream to Destiny: The Secret of Guarding Your Heart
You can be everything God has created you to be. But the battle begins between our ears. We must believe that we are called to make a difference, and that nothing is impossible for those who have FAITH. 

So much of this journey is mental. Which is why we're gifting you with SEVEN exclusive Podcast episodes (you can't get them anywhere else) to help you WIN the war in your mind!

Dream to Destiny: The Secret of Guarding Your Heart 
This 7-Part Audio Series includes: 

-The Secret of Success: Guarding Your Heart 

-Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life 

-Return to the Castle: The Power of Perspective 

-A Cheerful Heart: Your Secret Weapon 

-The Garden of My Mind 

-In Everything, Give Thanks 

-Renewing Our Minds 
Super Cool Bonus #3: 
LIVE Coaching Session with Livy! 

(+ Access to Our Members Only Facebook Page)
Get Your Questions Answered!

Throughout this 5-week course, you will be gifted to attend a LIVE online coaching session with Livy! 

Ask your questions in real time and get them answered during this exciting session! 

In addition, you'll also receive access to our Members Only Facebook Page! Connect with other Dreamers, pray for one another, and encourage each other in this Unlocking Your Purpose journey!  
Our desire is to set you up for success by including these smashing bonuses, to help you renew your mind, encourage you daily, and give you the tools needed to Unlock Your Purpose! 
What are you waiting for?
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We Have A 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee :)
Unlocking Your Purpose is 100% Risk Free! 
Don't love the product?
Shoot a simple email to Support and we will provide a full refund. 
Are You Ready To Unlock Your Destiny? 
Isn't It Time To Live On Purpose?
This world needs you to Unlock Your Purpose.

Don't go back to mediocre. Life in the rat-race is never going to satisfy. "Life as usual" is fading away. 

God is calling His people to something greater. Just like Esther, we have been called for such a time AS THIS.

Friend, I hope you'll take full advantage of unwrapping the gift I hope to share with you. The added bonuses, e-books, and audio series, is something I'm SO excited to share, but this is only for people like you, who are ready to take action and LIVE ON PURPOSE. 

The 7-Part Dream to Destiny teaching series isn't available anywhere else, and I won't be publishing it anywhere online!

With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose, as I believe SO STRONGLY in this course, I want as many dreamers to get their hands on it as possible!

So will I see you inside our exclusive Members Area? Are you ready to Unlock Your Purpose?

Thank you so much for letting me share my story with you! 

Remember, the Dream Seeds inside your heart, have the potential to change this world forever!

Love from your sister in Christ,

-Livy Lynn
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